Since 2014, I've been designing and 3D printing all kinds of Sci-Fi models, and I'm always working on more.  Since I've been doing this, I've sent models all around the world, and have been able to share them with fans at local conventions.

Many of these models (and more!) are availiable in my Etsy online store, but I really like to design and print custom models of things that have never existed before.  Let me know if I can build something for you!

2018 Catalog!

-Ricky "MadMan" Wallace

The USS Enterprise, as seen in Star Trek: Beyond.  This model is 16" long, making it as large as the original AMT Enterprise model!    USS Franklin, as seen in Star Trek: Beyond.  It's a large model, about 14" long (almost 1:350 scale). 

USS Vengeance, from Star Trek: Intol darkness.  It is 16" long, and features an Aztek Panel paint job, that I made using hand cut stencils and cosmetic sponges.   From the ST:TNG series finale, the USS Pasteur.  It's about 14 inches long.

From the Star Wars universe, a YT-2400 "Outrider".  This model is about 12 inches wide, and was printed in 7 separate parts.    Built as part of a model railroad module, I printed the bottom parts of the Endor Landing platform.  The landing deck is made from corrugated plastic.
This Pan-Am HU-16 Albatross, which was used during search and rescue missions during the Vietnam War, has a 14 inch wingspan.    The Piper Cub has a 12 inch wingspan, and features a real wood propeller!   

From the Avengers, this is the newer version of the Helicarrier.  It's about 14 inches long.

  One of my newest models, The Rocinate from The Expanse.  Thanks to the SyFy channel, for providing the 3D printable model, based off of the CGI model they use on the show!
A couple of Stargate with DHDs; Available in Milky Way and Pegasus versions!  A SG:Universe gate is in the works.
  A small USS Voyager, only abot 8 inches long.  It was printed in about 4 parts.



The "Prime Alternative" Enterprise is the first 3D printed starship model that I built.  It is composed of 12 separate parts, which took up 13 hours of combined printing time.


The Chariot Class USS Argo, originally designed by Atolm, was a lot of fun to build.  It was the first TNG styled ship I've done so far.  It's about 9 inches tall.



The Nostromo, from Alien.  It's a pretty large model, being about 10'' by 10''.


The Prometheus, from the film.  This is one of my first models to feature posable parts; the engine nacelles can rotate so that the model can be displayed in it's landed configuration.



From Stargate SG:1, this is my model of the BC-304 Daedalus.  It's about 10 inches long.


From Stargate SG:1, this is my model of the X-303 Prometheus.  I modified it from the model in the show a little, mainly keeping the front end a little higher.


From Stargate Atlantis, this is my version of an Ancient Battle Cruiser.  It's about 13 inches long.


From Stargate Universe, this is my version of the Ancient ship Destiny.  It's about 10 inches long.


My version of the F-302 and the Gou'ald Death Glider, from Stargate SG-1.  They have about a 6'' wingspan.


Arwing and Wolfen, from the Nintendo 64 game Starfox.


The Nautilus, from 20,000 Leagues under the Sea


The Iron Mole, from the Sci-Fi Classic At The Earth's Core.


The S.H.I.E.L.D. Heli-Carrier, as seen in the classic Avengers comics.  This is a large model, at 10 inches long.  It is one of my most complicated models so far.


This is my "MadUniverse" Constellation model, renamed as an alternate Enterprise.  It measures over 13 inches long, and took about 15 hourse to print.


Inspired by the 8th Doctor's Sonic Screwdriver, I built my version of a "steam punk" Sonic.  I printed it in 3 parts, which only take about 5 hours to print.


My version of the 12th Doctor's new sonic screwdriver, as featured in the 2015 Christmas Special.



This is my "MadUniverse" Constellation model.  It is larger than Enterprise, measuring over 13 inches long.  Due to the larger size, it took about 15 hours of print time.


Designed for a client in London, this is the 16'' long USS Merlin, a small science vessel.



This is my version of the Discovery, from 2001: A Space Odyssey.  This is the largest model I've built so far, coming in at 28 inches long.  It took about 20 hours to print, and is made of 19 separate parts.


For Christmas, I decided that we had to have a TARDIS Christmas ornament.  These are about 2 inches tall, and take about 45 minutes to print, all one piece.


Christmas wouldn't be complete without a Star Trek TNG Christmas ornament on the tree.  I modeled these in Blender, by using the spin tool on a comm-badge model that I had built earlier.


Just to prove that I can build more than Sci-Fi models, this is a dozen roses that I printed for a friend.  I used thing #245722 from to print the flowers.