The Prime Alternative... posted 5.11.2013
Back in early 2010, my now good friend Rick Carthew contacted me with an idea... he wanted to commission a studio quality model of his ideal Starship Enterprise. But there was a problem... He didn't know what it looked like! After 6 months of hard work, inspiration, and researching every known version of the Enterprise, we had it! Our CG model became the basis for Rick's final studio quality model, but our CG model took on a life of it's own, leading to a myriad of adventures for us to place it in. Check it out here, and let me know what you guys think!

Into Darkness...
posted 12.4.2012
With all of the latest news coming out about the new movie, and the upcoming trailer, I just had to make a poster and a wallpaper based on the rumors!  Check out the latest image, "The Tall Ship Rises" in the Wallpaper Gallery, and let me know what you think!

New Content
! posted 10.6.2012
As promised, we now have a Fan Wallpaper Gallery!  I also updated and tweaked the Wallpaper Gallery... I think the new design works out better than the way I had it.  The images you guys have sent in are at the bottom... send more!

posted 10.6.2012
Had time to update some things on the site recently.  The comments section has been upgraded to Disqus, since JS-Kit stopped hosting comments.  It works a little different, but it works pretty well!  I also tweaked some of the site's artwork.

Whoa, it's been a long time!
posted 9.25.2012
Hey, everybody. :)  It's a little late, but our little boy, Ricky Wallace III (Trip) was born as scheduled on August 1st.  He's doing great, and we're having a lot of fun!  I've got some new models to show off soon, too, and our comments system is in the process of being upgraded.  Stay tuned. :)

Hey Everbody!
posted 3.18.2012
It's been way too long between updates, but I finally have some new stuff to show off!  As some of you know, my wife and I are expecting a baby boy in August... for his room, I decided to make him up some Pixar inspired Starship posters.  I made up some wallpapers for you guys... let me know how much you like them!  You can see them here...

Comic Con Again!
posted 7.25.2011
Hey, everybody!  Comic Con is finally over, and we're headed back home.  So, from the airport, I went ahead and compiled some of the best pictures from the trip. Since we only had Thursday and Sunday passes, We also took a side trip to Hollywood, to sight-see down there a little bit.  Check out the pictures here!

Comic Con!
posted 7.14.2011
Next week, we'll be at Comic Con. :)  Once we get back, keep an eye out for a special photo gallery, of everything we got to see.  I'll be wearing madshipyard gear, so if you see me in a t-shirt, come say hi. :)